Scott Masters Media

Scotty Masters was extremely well known around our region as one half of the Scotty & Nige breakfast show. Scotty joined our Convoy Committee in 2013 and soon became a major asset to the Group, even getting his truck licence in the process so he could drive in our yearly Convoy. He has helped organise and run every Convoy since 2013 and even in 2015, when he suffered a well-publicised job loss, he confirmed his commitment to the group by helping organise the 2016 event. In 2017 Scotty was appointed as a Board Member of Rise Above, and his company along with Throttle Media Queanbeyan was instrumental in our rebranding from the Cancer Support Group to Rise Above, and in the creation and management of this new website and our Social Media Assets.

We are very proud to have Scott Masters Media as a Community Partner.