How We Help

Rise Above – Capital Region Cancer Relief financially assists cancer patients in the Canberra and Queanbeyan Region.

We are uniquely able to provide assistance to patients diagnosed with any type of cancer, across all ages.

As of 2017, our youngest patient is only 10 months old.

With the help of government assistance, we are fortunate to have funding for three full-time office staff. The balance of administrative costs comes from the rent of the four-bedroom unit above the office that was kindly donated to Rise Above by the Queanbeyan Leagues Club. This allows us to give 100% of all donations to our patients.

Unfortunately, we do need to limit the amount of support we provide to patients we assist in these particular ways – medication relating to current treatment for cancer, chemotherapy, food supplements and food & petrol vouchers and electricity accounts.

While we are very proud of the assistance we are able to provide, we would be very happy to be able to give more.  We know that there are many more cancer patients and families requiring assistance and a wider range of assistance.