Our Founder

Yvonne Cuschieri OAM

The Cancer Support Group began in 1985 when Yvonne Cuschieri started raising funds to enable 13 local teenagers with cancer to attend a CanTeen national camp.  It wasn’t long before social workers started asking for her help for other families who were facing crisis situations.

In March 1986, Yvonne asked friends for their help and the first Cancer Support Group meeting was held in her dining room.  Over the years, the number of requests for help has been enormous, to support children and adults with cancer and to assist their families at a very difficult time.

Yvonne and volunteers ran all operations of The Cancer Support Group for 15 years until the workload required additional full-time staff to organise fundraisers and administration.

After a long battle of Yvonne’s own cancer diagnosis, Yvonne sadly passed away in June, 2021.

We are strongly committed to keeping Yvonne’s legacy alive with in Rise Above for generations to come.

Yvonne Cuschieri OAM (left) and Robyn Murphy OAM and life member (right)